How to promote organic farming in India?

The mother earth suffers a lot because of human greediness. Whether it be our act of destroyer in the name of development or the accumulation of natural wealth or producing excess of food by breaking the natural chain, we are only responsible for all of this loss. Although late, people are turning their heads towards … Read more


Every region has some unique characters, whether it is landscape or natural bounty. The secret of beauty in different places are actually depending on this vividness. This is not bound to the scenic beauty only, the vividness is also suitable for the well-being of the natural habitats of the region. Yes, there is no exception … Read more

Bad Effects of Consuming Non-Organic Vegetables

bad effects of eating conventional vegetables

Do you eat non-organic vegetables? If yes, this is exactly for you. Today I am focusing on the bad effects of eating conventional vegetables on our health. In the beginning, I would like to warn you that don’t be lose your heart. I will definitely come with a new post to help you to reinstall … Read more

How to Increase Immunity?-What should or should not eat.

how to increase immunity

The world is not only for us. Do you know, we are the latecomer into this beautiful planet of the mysterious universe. Starting from just DNA or RNA to multicellular leaving bodies, all have equal rights. Mother Nature blesses equally to all of us and we stay under the one sun. But, astonishingly most of … Read more

Cost Effective Organic Farm

How to start an organic farm? How to start a cost effective organic farm? Do we really need a bank loan? What will be the profit…so and so? Okay, let’s find the solutions. So you decide to grow organic. Well, but before we go in to the challenging queries it is better to start with … Read more

Community Based Organic Farming: A Fast and Secure Way to Atmanirbhar Bharat

How can the community based organic farming contribute towards Atmanirbhar Bharat? Once again we are enthralling with the fascinating phrase ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’. Amplifying the dream of Mahatma Gandhi, Prime Minister of India announce the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’. So it’s time to choose some realistic models to fulfill the dream. Accordingly, government has given priority on … Read more

Natural Farming: Bhim Banana Tree

Why Bhim banana tree (Musa balbisiana colla tree) should be next choice for your natural farming? Is this a right choice for your farm’s health? Is it commercially viable?…need the solutions of all the questions, just scroll down. Some of you might be unaware of natural farming. Therefore, I just want to going through its … Read more