Natural Farming: Bhim Banana Tree

Bheem banana tree (upper part) for Natural farming: Bhim banana tree

Why Bhim banana tree (Musa balbisiana colla tree) should be next choice for your natural farming? Is this a right choice for your farm’s health? Is it commercially viable?…need the solutions of all the questions, just scroll down.

Some of you might be unaware of natural farming. Therefore, I just want to going through its key concept first.

What is natural farming?

Natural farming is one of the system of agricultural practices where naturally available varieties of different crops are produced under natural law only.

The concept was first introduced in 1975 by Masanobu Fukuoka, a Japanese farmer and philosopher in his celebrated book The One-Straw Revolution.

Bhim banana tree

Bhim banana is basically a wild variety of banana. Grown in moisture rich swampy areas, generally forest and villages. Although it can grow everywhere, clean and contamination free air is most suitable environment for its healthy growth. Villagers admire it for its great food values and necessary element for their day to day life.

Food values

Why does it admire as great food. Just check it.

Firstly, what portion of bhim banana tree is not use as food? You will surprise, starting from the root to shoot, flower to fruits, all are belongs to the delicious Assamese cuisine.

Secondly, the stoke of nutrients in the bhim banana tree is unexpectedly high. There is no any available specific data calculating the nutrient values of different parts of bhim banana tree. But the level of potassium, magnesium, protein, iron and vitamins are comparatively high among the available wild varieties as per the skeptical data around the web. The stem part is naturally high in fiber.

What they believe?

The villager’s believes are clear and straight. Therefore,whenever they feel it necessary to add a banana stem (Kolpossola) or a banana flower (Koldil or Kolphul) in their daily dishes, they add, doesn’t matter what the researches tell. Because this wonder trees are quite available around their village or in their bari (household area). Traditionally they eat koldil for its specific quality of reducing weakness. Eat kolpossola as they believe that it can clean stomach. Eat bhim kol or athiya kol (banana fruit) as it is a very easily available food for their breakfast before they leave for paddy fields. Customarily prepare their matidali (made with black lentil) with kolakhar (traditional basic solution).

Do you confuse with those traditional names? Well, lets check them one by one.

Kolpossola: You can understood it as banana stem. Generally one and/or half feet from the ground of the new small plant of bhim banana is used as kolpossola. The hard upper covers are not eatable.

Koldil: It is the cone shape banana flower found in the tip of the fruit stem .

Kolakhar: A base rich juice made of fired bhim banana husk or peel. Some times, is also extracted from fired bhim banana rhizome or root.

Day to day necessity

Bhim banana tree is also a part of their daily life of the villagers. Villagers use Doong (made out from the sheets of banana tree), Kolpat (leaf), Kolmaroli (dried leaf) etc. very frequently. In some rituals and festivals use even the complete tree.

Commercial viability

Shoots are available almost freely. In natural farming we need not require to materialize or any tilling activity in the soil. We just require to plant the shoots in the farm area and leave it for natural growth. The ecosystem will take care of the life of the plant. Obviously, natural farming greatly depends on the choice of land for farming. Except the value of the farming land the cost of all the available parts of the tree are produced almost at zero cost.

Now its time to sell your products. You will be surprised with the demand of each and every parts of a bhim banana tree. Starting from the rhizome to the leaf, stem to the fruit all have great demand in the daily market. Besides many banana based industries like banana fiber industry, health based industry, pharma-industry are always eager to buy your produce. What you need, is just awareness. Amazon, bigbasket are some of the great names in the business of banana parts and banana products. In the next write up I will try to bring a more in-depth analysis of commercial viability of this wonderful tree.

Environment friendly

Obviously, the natural farming system is completely environment friendly. Alternatively you will feel proud by contributing clean and fresh air through your greenery.

Why you choose

Yes, you can now easily sum up the reasons for choosing it for your natural farming.

  • People use it traditionally over the centuries or more.
  • People almost aware of its health benefits.
  • Shoots are easily available for mass production.
  • Production rate is very high almost at zero cost.
  • Each and every parts of a single tree are usable.
  • Medicinal value.
  • And last but not least, it is Nature friendly.

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