How to Increase Immunity?-What should or should not eat.

The world is not only for us. Do you know, we are the latecomer into this beautiful planet of the mysterious universe. Starting from just DNA or RNA to multicellular leaving bodies, all have equal rights. Mother Nature blesses equally to all of us and we stay under the one sun. But, astonishingly most of the diseases in the present day multicellular living beings are due to some of the primitive organisms. Viruses, bacteria are the most common primitive agents causing disease in the multicellular plants and animals of the present-day world. But the mechanism of the immune system incorporated helps to fight against these odds. Thus it’s very important to maintain a healthy immune system. But, how to increase immunity? or how to boost immunity?

Fortunately, the mighty nature itself bears the solutions. What we need is just awareness. Nature can’t dictate but always provide us opportunities for our better health with her bounty of plants and herbs, which are natural, which are organic.

What is immunity?

It is very important to know the meaning of immunity before we go into any immunity-related discussion. Without going into any technical words we can understand it as the natural defense mechanism in our body against any foreign factor which can initiate any disease.

Some specialized cells within our body are responsible for this mechanism, basically the white blood cells.

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I am not going into vast details of the immune system, because these are commonly available data around the web.

Let me directly go to the importance of eating organic to boost our immunity.

How to increase immunity?-Eat organic

organic food for strong immunity

Yes, as you have seen in the title, eating organic foods can increase your defense power or immunity against disease-causing agents. The very basic cause is their natural origin or naturally influenced cultivation. As we are natural beings, so anything that grown or maintained with natural processes are safe for our body.

We should not forget that we are human beings, biologically an animal. So, our digestive system will respond very well and functions for a long time effectively if we eat natural or organic foods only.

Of course, our body initially adapts with the synthetic chemicals which we generally consume in the name of eating fresh vegetables and fruits. But it doesn’t mean that a new digestive system is created over the biologically formed one. Actually, our body acquires the skill to find out the necessary minimal nutrients from the rubbishes we eat as food at the cost of some other functions or parts of our internal mechanism.

Affects of synthetic stimulates

Synthetica stimulates such as fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, consumed through conventional vegetables and fruits, act as the slow poison within our body.

They start to damage our internal functions silently and showing occasional irregularities without favoring any special attention. But, when we start to respond against any continuous disorder, it normally surpasses the danger level already.

Our immune system becomes weak battling with the effects of our bad eating habits. So, the system starts showing failure against some disease-causing foreign factors. This is enhanced by the low accumulation of required nutrients. Because it affects the production of white blood cells and other regular defense amenities.

So, it is better to eat organic foods. There is no extensive proven clue for the regeneration of damaged immune systems. But, eating organically grown foods will definitely help in stopping any further damage and sometimes increase immunity.

What should we eat?

Eating organic is a necessary habit for well-being. But it is sometimes difficult to find organic foods only in different regions equally. The reason may be different, due to the nonavailability of organic farms, seasonal farming only, very high cost of the available ones, and so on.

So, how do we avail organic?

The best way is to go natural. You can easily find some naturally grown vegetables and fruits around your region or in the local market.

Pick up those very smartly because there is a dearth of sellers who always ready to cheat you. But, you can easily differentiate between the natural and farming ones from the appearances of the materials.

Generally, natural ones are not shiny and 99% possibility of finding scratches of insect attack. Moreover, these will be a little bit smaller from the regular sizes. Of course, you have to learn it from experience so that the next day you can buy the right ones.

Personal experience

In my region, a lot of vegetables and fruits are available that are grown naturally. I always prefer to buy natural ones instead of those shiny and oversized poison packs. I like to share some of my preferences. You can compare it with the available varieties in your region.

  • Arrowhead (Sengmora in Assamese)
  • Fiddlehead fern (Dhekia xaak)
  • Banana flower (Koldil)
  • Water spinach (Kolmou)
  • Lawn marsh-penny wort (Xaru-manimuni)
  • Margosa (Mohanim)
  • Indian chestnut vine (Noltenga)
  • Mint (Podina)
  • Skunk vine (Vedailota)
  • Banana stem (Kolpossola)
  • Elephant far (Kasu thari)
  • White goosefoot (Zilmil xaak)
  • Green amaranth (Khutora xaak)
  • Polygonum chinense (Madhuhuleng)
  • Long-leaf Lucas (Doron)

I just want to remind you that these are naturally grown, no need for any special care for its growth. The nutrient level is quite good and affordable. Some of them have medicinal values also.

The possibility of contamination by harmful chemicals is very low because of their abundance as well as their places of growth.

So, just include these vegetables in your meals daily and help your immune system to defend you strongly.

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