Bad Effects of Consuming Non-Organic Vegetables

Do you eat non-organic vegetables? If yes, this is exactly for you. Today I am focusing on the bad effects of eating conventional vegetables on our health.

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So, be ready to aware of the unexpected negativity that you acquire through your fault.

Does it require to speak about the production of conventional vegetables? Producers, vendors, even the customers, all are busy only with their calculation of profit and loss.

The demand for food items grows very fast due to the high rising population day by day. Thus, it becomes necessary to supply more food in the market.

So, to meet up the high demand, producers start to use synthetically produced fertilizers, pesticides, hormonal injection, and genetically modified varieties. Initially, it was not that harmful because of the cautious use of chemicals. But with the increase of demand, an increase of food processing companies producers start to use these chemicals much more than the recommended values.

Of course, it earns a positive effect on the economy of a country or a region, but at the cost of the priceless health of the citizens. Besides, extensive use of synthetic chemicals imposes an imbalance in nature and on its bounty.

Non-organic or synthetic fertilizers and pesticides

Before we get into the main topic it is better to refresh our knowledge about synthetic or non-organic fertilizers and pesticides.

Some of the commonly used synthetic fertilizers are Ammonium nitrate, Ammonium phosphate, Superphosphate, Potassium sulfate, etc.

These are primarily used for providing Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K) to the plants. Besides, there are also secondary nutrients like calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), boron (B), sulfur (S), copper (Cu), etc.

Fertilizers, whether it is organic or inorganic, are used for providing these primary and secondary elements to the plants. But the basic difference between these two is a point of concern.

Organic fertilizers treat the soil and make available the nutrients at the required pace of the plants.

But synthetic fertilizers are highly soluble and therefore enforces the nutrients directly into the plants without any treatment of the soil. Instead, it kills the must needed microorganism in the soil.

Besides, the possibility of burning the soft roots of the plants remains high.

Pest controlling is one of the most challenging tasks for farmers. Thus, usually, they are leaning towards synthetically produced pesticides available at reasonable prices.

But unfortunately, pesticide use in farms proves as one of the major factors behind the rising health issues.

DDT, toxaphene, dieldrin, aldrin, diazinon, malathion, carbofuran, etc are some of the commonly used pesticides. Most of them include cyclic compounds and heavy metals. Perhaps you are familiar with the harmful effects of such chemicals on our bodies.

You know, organic farmers are also using pesticides. But they use only organic pest control ingredients like Neem (Azadirachta indica) seed’s extracts and other traditional practices.

Vegetables that we eat

You may or may not be vegan. But you can’t avoid vegetables from your dishes. Whether you are eating potato or onion or other essentials in your non-veg dishes but still you are eating vegetables, right?

Normally we eat one or two veg items in our daily meals. Where do you find these?

Ninety percent buy it from the nearby daily markets, isn’t it? What do you choose to buy in the vegetable market? Those eye-catching ones because you are a smart one, know the value of your hard-earned money.

Wait! Interestingly, we always forget the golden line, “All the glitters is not gold”, at the very moment, and buy the poison with a smiling face. These are market-oriented pseudo glitters produced extensively for profit only. So, we should care about the bad effects of eating conventional vegetables.

Bad effects of eating conventional vegetables on health

Let’s discuss the bad effects of eating conventional vegetables. The list of negative effects is very long. But I will go for the common ones. This means those which are the common health problems of almost every person beyond the political boundary due to the consumption of conventional foods.

Bowel gas

There are various reasons for excessive bowel gas. Non-digestion of some food materials in the stomach is the major issue of this problem.

Some food materials pass undigested because of the weakness of the stomach. But the microorganism in the intestine breaks some of these compounds and thereby produces gas in the big intestinal area.

A weakness of the peptic juice may not be genetic always, most of the time it is acquired. Foods with excessive nitrate, heavy metals residue, and other toxic elements are responsible for the faulty digestive system.

Early skin aging

Of course, the UV rays are the supreme cause of early or premature skin aging. But another agent of this problem is free radicals that we swallowed with our food.

It is customary to expose our body to such factors extensively when we eat conventionally produced vegetables. Because most of the time excessive pesticides use to protect them from insects and other organisms.

Liver damage

As you know the liver is a very important internal organ of us. It helps in digestion and filtration of any harmful substance that enters into blood. Blood coming from the digestive organs is purified in the liver by filtrating out the toxins mixed with the nutrients.

The liver also ensures the proper release of toxins from our body or sometimes converts the harmful materials into a friendly one.

But, researches show that the overexposure of the liver to pesticides can make it toxic by defeating its detoxicating capacity. Toxicity leads to malfunctioning and accumulation of fat. This leads to fatty liver disease, at least one of the basic reasons for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Birth defect

Most of the time the defects are not visible. But it harms internally, basically the functions of neurons. The cause is most obvious. Organophosphate types of pesticides acquired by the mother can transfer to the placenta. Since the development of the brain is rapidly going on at this stage, therefore it is more prone to exposure with the ill effect of the pesticides.

Thus, different neuro-psychological defects come into visible with the developing ages of the child. At the age of five, the child may show hyperactivity and shows poor IQ at the age of seven. These are only two examples among the various infancy and child level disorders which we generally termed as birth defects.

Of course, there are other visible defects like torn lips, abnormal leg or hand, etc. The reason behind these birth defects may be related to the food habits of the mother. More research is necessary at this point.

Memory disorders

One of the silent but acute bad effects of synthetically made pesticides is the loss of normal memory power of a physically well human being. Yes, the disease may start at the placenta. But, it is acquirable in the later period also. Our neurons are affected by chronic exposure to harmful pesticides like malathion.

So, before you question your 7 or 8 years old child about his memory it is better to remind what have you eaten in pregnancy. Not only that, ask yourself what do you buy in the market for your child.

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Weak immunity

Doesn’t your child fall in fever frequently? Can’t you walk in the morning outside your flat without feeling any trouble in your throat? Can’t you use cold water? so and so. Ask yourself.

If your answer is yes every time or partially yes, then you must care about your immunity power. You have a bad immune system. Most of the time you acquire it through your food. Consumption of pesticide residues in your food, basically vegetables is one of the basic causes of developing weak immunity.

Very common ones

Besides, some very common problems like headache, laziness, restlessness, feeling of vomiting, loss appetite, skin and eye irritations, etc are associated with regular consumption of chemicals in pesticides.

So, before we consult the doctor we have to change our food habits. We have to lower the consumption of pesticides through the vegetables we eat normally.

As I mentioned earlier, the list is quite long. I have given here only a little bit. Now it is your responsibility what do you choose- A HEALTHY HAPPY LIFE OR A CHEMICALLY IRRITATED LIFE.

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